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Types Of Sex Pills
Apr 02, 2018

Sex medicine is divided into four categories.

To treat all kinds of sexually transmitted disease drugs, treatment of sexual dysfunction drugs, with stimulating, provocative sexual aphrodisiac, improve the quality of sexual health products. Strictly speaking, the sexual health care products do not belong to the category of medicine, and the aphrodisiac is a state ban on production and sales.

People to adulthood, psychological and physical sexual desire is normal, people should also accord with this natural law, not repressed, can not be ignored. But it cannot be rampant. A person under normal circumstances, sexual life must follow its physical condition and natural exercise, not to be happy and indulge. Often with sex medicine to entertain, this breaks the physiological law, harmful to the body.

The use of sex drugs is a person's desire for sex, but for some reason of the body can not achieve the purpose, can be targeted to use. Physical health, normal physiology, just to indulge in the use of sexual medicine to cheer, so that the body energy overload consumption, is very harmful to the body, and regardless of the specific reasons for their own body, no matter what sex medicine to use, it must be detrimental to health.

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