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Raising Testosterone Levels Will Make You More Hardworking After Exercise.
Jun 14, 2018

Many people always say that they have been insisting on keeping fit, but they have no effect.

When it comes to testosterone, people think of a snap clap, although the level of too high testosterone is beneficial to the ability to crack and crack, but testosterone is not just the only thing. Today, I will give you a detailed understanding of this problem.

1 what is testosterone

Testosterone (also known as testosterone, testosterone, or testosterone), its appearance is white crystalline powder, odorless, is a kind of steroid hormone, secreted by male testicle or female ovary, and the adrenal gland is secreted a small amount of testosterone. It is the main male sex hormone and assimilation irritable.

2 normal levels of testosterone in the human body

Adult: male: 14 to 25.4nmol/L female: 1.3 ~ 2.8nmol/L

Children: male: <8.8nmol/L woman: <0.7nmol/L

Pregnancy: 2.7 ~ 5.3nmol/L

Ps: the reasons for the increase of androgens in women's blood are

Excessive secretion of the ovary or adrenocortical

Testosterone and estradiol binding globulin reduce the increase of free testosterone.

Peripheral transformation, such as gestational enolone, can be converted into testosterone through metabolism.

What is the role of 3 testosterone

Men want their testosterone to be higher, because it is closely related to their sexual benefits, while women do not want to have too high testosterone levels, and testosterone is a male hormone, but these ideas are inaccurate. Because men's testosterone levels are much higher than that of women, the impact on men is greater than that for women.

01 pairs of men

Testosterone is a hormone for the construction of male bones, which can increase bone density, bone mineral and prevent osteoporosis.

Enhance the overall vitality. Testosterone can increase the number of red blood cells, thereby providing services for transporting oxygen.

Improve muscle and obesity. Testosterone increases muscle strength and muscle fiber diameter, improves blood sugar, lowers blood pressure and increases insulin sensitivity.

Improving sexual health can also reduce cholesterol and body fat and enhance muscle strength.

It helps to maintain heart health because testosterone can significantly increase the body's high density protein (excellent) cholesterol.

Brain function, testosterone supplements can improve memory and spatial ability, and reduce anxiety and anger.

02 pairs of women

Although the level of testosterone in women is about 10% of that in men. But only 10% of testosterone is enough to have a major impact on the health of women. Like estrogen and progesterone, testosterone is one of the hormones necessary for women's health.

Testosterone has a significant improvement in the mental and mental health of women because of low testosterone, which can lead to depression, osteoporosis, hypofunction, and fat increase in the body.

Improving sexual health and increasing testosterone can relieve menopausal symptoms and improve women's mood, sexual desire and health.

It can improve some related aging symptoms, such as osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, and increase bone density, so as to prevent breast cancer.

Especially for exercise, the level of testosterone is very much related to the content of muscle. Many studies have shown that the higher the testosterone level is, the better the performance is, especially in the strength type.

How does 4 testosterone promote muscle growth

Hormone is a "Herald", and testosterone, as a steroid hormone, does not directly participate in the growth of muscle. It is "nuclear hormone" directly acting on the nucleus. Simply, those molecular structures are equivalent to a kind of information that tells your nucleus (part of the cell) that it needs a beard, or Long muscles and so on. Therefore, without testosterone, it is equivalent to no "Herald", and the nucleus that promotes muscle growth does not receive information, and the muscle does not grow.

Therefore, testosterone is used as an anabolic hormone to help muscle growth. The more the hormone is released, the better the muscle will build. On the contrary, the fewer testosterone is produced, the less chance of gaining muscle. In the elderly, because of the low level of testosterone, it is very difficult for the muscles to build and maintain their physique.

What is the effect of the low level of testosterone? What is the effect of 5 testosterone

It destroys the balance of androgens and estrogen in women, which causes women to be more likely to be obese, metabolize, weaken, osteoporosis, and increase muscle difficulty.

Men have a great risk of heart disease, type two diabetes, and obesity, and may also cause their mineral looseness, decline in sexual function, reduced muscle volume, and reduced physical strength.

6 how to test your testosterone level

01 perspiration

Their sweat is like water without any smell. This is not a good thing. It only proves that your testosterone concentration has dropped.

Increase in age 02, fat also increases

As the age increases, the body fat, especially in the age of 20 to 30 years of age, testosterone levels will show a downward trend.

03 the size of the testis

It has been said that the testis is white and granular. If the discovery is not as big as before, it indicates that testosterone level has begun to decline.

04 erotic sexual desire

When you find that no matter who you are, you have no love impulse, and when you can't lift any energy, you should check not your lover, but your testosterone level.

7 what factors affect testosterone level

01 abstinnce

One or two weeks of abstinence, the level of testosterone in the body will be improved, but studies have shown that after more than 2-3 months of abstinence, the level of testosterone in the body will decline and enter a continuous low. But in the short term, abstinence is no doubt

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