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Every Day In The Gym Muscle Training, But Do Not Know Whether To Supplement This Nutrient?
Jun 16, 2018

Although we are generally in the room, we often think of the sun when we think of the muscles, and we know that the great advantage of the active exercise is to maintain the strength of the bone, and it is important to keep in touch with the sun. Nutrients will come out of the mind, that is vitamin D.

Maybe a lot of people will know such a common sense that more than 90% of the body's vitamin D is synthetic in the sun, but why so, and the value of vitamin D for us, maybe a lot of people are still not very clear, today we will come to a good understanding of this particular kind of The meaning of the nutrient.

The previous life of vitamin D

The early discovery of vitamin D was also due to medical treatment. In the 1645-1668 years, several British physicians described in medical journals children rickets, which are now known because of the lack of vitamin D, and the incidence of rickets has become higher and higher after several decades. Doctors found that eating the liver of deep-sea fish and increasing the sun can treat rickets, which is because the specific nutrients have been puzzling, and until 1922 the doctor proposed that the vitamin D is used to name the strong bone.

Although the name is vitamin, but actually vitamin D is not exactly the same as the usual vitamin definition - "vitamins are a kind of microorganism that people and animals have to get from food to maintain normal physiological functions" and vitamin D is a substance that we can synthesize. In fact, more than 90% of the human body The vitamin D is our skin in the "sun" synthetic, in detail that the human body subcutaneous storage of cholesterol generated from the 7- dehydrogenated cholesterol, after exposure to ultraviolet radiation, can be converted to vitamin D3.

And unlike vitamin C, vitamin B, which is different from adjacent vitamins, the structure of vitamin D is more similar to cholesterol, and more like a hormone, which can easily penetrate the cell's phospholipid membrane and enter the nucleus directly by affecting cell growth and division to exercise its role and regulate fine. Cell growth and apoptosis. Many studies have found that the level of vitamin D in the blood of patients with tumors will be short, but the correlation between them is not yet indicated.

Vitamin D deficiency may also be associated with many other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease, which will require vitamin D supplementation, but it is not possible to increase vitamin D for the treatment or prevention of these chronic diseases.

What is the greatest value of vitamin D supplementation?

There are many other benefits of vitamin D, such as tooth decay prevention, the possibility of reducing dementia and the possibility of muscle atrophy, but the most worthy of our attention is bone health. After all, good healthy bones can help us to better support high intensity training. As a fat soluble vitamin, the main role of vitamin D is to regulate calcium metabolism, to help the intestine to better absorb calcium, and to improve the development of bone free bones in non age groups and to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and injury. Therefore, when you supplement calcium, if you can supplement vitamin D at the same time, it will make the effect of calcium supplement more significant.

How can we get a better vitamin D?

Although it is easy to say that the sun is beneficial to the synthesis of vitamin D, the sunshine is not the same for different people. For example, the sunshine time for the white people is much smaller than that of the yellow people. For the yellow people, 4-5 times a week, 30 minutes each time left. Right exposure to 35% skin sunshine will be a good indicator of vitamin D synthesis. Such a condition is really difficult to achieve in many places. For example, in Hangzhou, a year in which I live in Hangzhou, a year may be in a rainy day, such as the haze that always appears in the country, and it is likely to affect the synthesis of vitamin D. In this case, we are special. An external supplement is needed, such as diet and supplements.

Unfortunately, in our daily diet, vitamin D content is relatively small, and it is also difficult to meet daily needs. It's like our general advice to adults is 600-800IU, and most people may eat only 100-200IU every day, because salmon, tuna, swordfish, deep sea fish, and cow liver fish liver oil are relatively small. The only food that is relatively vitamin D rich in daily arrangements is egg yolk, but considering the fat content we can't eat too much, so it is not too frequent to sun the sun, or it is suggested that the use of vitamin D supplements can be considered properly.

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