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The Benefits Of Fitness
Apr 02, 2018

One, the exercise can improve the respiratory system and cardiovascular function scientific practice has confirmed that a longer period of long rhythm of deep breathing, can make the human body breathing a large amount of oxygen, absorption of oxygen if more than 7-8 times normal, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of human cancer cells. Second-run exercise also improved the state of myocardial oxygen supply, accelerated the metabolism of myocardium, but also made the muscle fibers thicker, heart contractility increased, thus improving the heart working ability.

Second, the fitness long-distance running is advantageous to the disease prevention and cure the blood circulation speeds up, to the excretion system harmful material cleans the function, thus causes the harmful material to be difficult to stay in the body and spreads. According to the determination, 16 minutes to run 3000 meters or 25 minutes to run 5000 meters, can reduce blood cholesterol. This to the elderly susceptible to different levels of hyperlipidemia, and then cause vascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and so have a good preventive effect.

Third, the fitness long-distance running is advantageous to the mood to be comfortable, the spirit is joyful this long-distance running because it does not pay attention to the competition wins and losers, only in the relaxed joyful fitness, therefore to alleviate the modern society high rhythm and the intense movement brings the mental psychological tension is very beneficial. According to medical experts, this relaxed and enjoyable exercise best promotes the release of a polypeptide substance--endorphins--to create a sustained euphoria and sedative effect. In addition, because long-distance running makes a person full of optimism, helps to enhance appetite, strengthen digestive function, promote nutrition absorption.

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