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Teach you how to exercise thin and healthy and effective
May 11, 2018

When it comes to weight loss, many women are concerned. However, there are many problems to be paid attention to in the way of weight loss. Only in this way can we lose weight successfully. The right way to reduce the waist, reduce the leg, etc. Thin body also must find the way that suits oneself. So which kinds of exercise to lose weight thin body method more effective?

How do you succeed in losing weight?

Weight loss diet.

Can eat milk porridge, a week put milk in porridge cooked inside, but remember that not too thick, and as far as possible until all liquid, cooked is very sweet, it can also prevent constipation, also can have beautiful white effect, eat porridge every day will be very hungry, of course, it is better to eat some vegetables, trouble can prepare lettuce, nearly a week thin 5 catties.

The whole face of weight loss.

Who says big pie face is hard to divide? In fact, as long as we find the right way to stick to it every day, we can have a small V face.

The first step in a thin face: lower your head toward the front, then gradually retract, and when the head is low, you need to make sure that the muscles behind the neck stretch out completely.

Thin face step 2: the head is facing toward the oblique front slightly to lift, then turn a circle turn left turn and turn to right turn alternately, gradually stretch the muscle of the neck. From the clavicle to the lower part of the chin and to the front of the neck, there is a pair of muscles, using the index finger and the thumb, and pressing the outside to the outside.

Step 3: divide the tip of the chin to the earlobe into four equal parts, starting with the tip of the chin. Use the thumb to press each intersection gradually for 5 seconds.

Thin face step four: the forefinger and middle finger clamp jaw, put his thumb on the neck, back and forth to knead his chin, his fingertips will stop of your arrival in the earlobe, it also can effectively promote the blood circulation, tighten skin, prevent the cheek the large muscles of the bloated.

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