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Sex Pills
Apr 02, 2018


Aphrodisiac drugs are a class of drugs used to treat sexual dysfunction. It has the function of warming the kidney, invigorating the essence, strengthening the muscles, and stimulating the function. Especially for the functional impotence caused by kidney Yang deficiency, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and other disorders have a certain therapeutic effect.

Sex drugs refer to drugs or prescriptions used to enhance sexual pleasure. The ancient Chinese room has always had this content, such as the existing first unearthed in Changsha, Hunan Mawangdui "Miscellaneous Therapy", "health side", there are known as "add" and "about" the prescription. "Add" for the aphrodisiac (male), "about" for strong Yin (female). Also known as "aphrodisiac", the meaning inside is beautiful. In ancient China, things related to human sexuality are closely associated with the "Spring": Men and women love the night called Spring, the expression of the number of Huan love is called Chunfeng or several degrees, the desire to love the anxious psychological spring heart, and the form of this psychological exposure spring love, can provide sexual services or sexual entertainment venues, after the Song Dynasty is called the erotic ......。

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